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connecting dogs to their perfect humans


needs to find a new home for Lucy

Robert recently learned he has a health condition that needs to be taken care of. The hospital bills keep adding up. He is afraid he will not be able to give Lucy, his long time companion, the attention she needs. He needs help finding a family that will take good care of her.

Wishes to have a dog

Sally moved recently to a bigger apartment. Adopting a dog had been in her mind for some time now. This seems to be the perfect time. She will prefer an adult dog, maybe even two dogs!

needs to relocate billy

Janet found Billy on the street 3 months ago. He was in very bad shape, but under her care he is now a healthy and very active dog.


She has 2 dogs of her own and cannot keep him any longer. She wishes to find Billy a new owner that can take him to the park often. He loves playing catch.

They all are

A project by Tanvi Kareer, Marlyn Martínez and Carmen López

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